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Achieving optimal oral health


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00:00:11 How to achieve optimal oral health?
00:00:19 Is diet related to oral health?
00:00:30 Make sure you schedule regular visits to your dentist
00:00:36 Why not visiting your dentist is not saving you any money
00:53:28 Bulk billing and dentistry
01:07:00 Your local area health
01:18:00 What about other finance options

You can get optimal oral health through a combination of regular oral hygiene habits such as flossing, brushing your teeth and using an adequate mouthwash.

In addition, having a healthy and balanced diet, low in sugar intake, can help you preserve your natural teeth longer as they are less prone to cavities.

Finally, regular visits to your dentist are essential to identify and eliminate potential threats to your oral health.

For some people regular visits to the dentist represent a significant part of their income; however, you should always keep in mind that visiting your dentist today is going to save you money and be cheaper than losing your natural teeth, or have to replace them with dentures or dental implants.

Medicare does help some Australian residents access basic dental services such as a preventative dental check-up through bulk billing. This service is available for eligible teens; if your son or daughter are eligible you would have received a voucher on the mail from Medicare.

In addition, eligible patients can get in contact with their local area health to access emergency dental services, or be triaged for general dental care or prosthetics.

If you need additional help financing your dental treatment we have a range of partnerships with external vendors that you could benefit from, if you would like to know more give us a call on 9531 1312.

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