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If your child slipped on the school playground and knocked out a front tooth, would you know what to do?

Follow these simple steps to try to salvage your child’s tooth so that it may be re-inserted back into the original socket.

1. Keep the tooth wet. The tooth should be placed in a cup of cold fresh milk.

2. Clean off visible contaminants. Rinse the root gently under cold running water for a maximum of 10 seconds to remove dirt from the root surface. The tooth will be slippery to hold and it should be held by the crown only. Do not touch, scrub or scrap the root.

3. If you can, insert the tooth straight away into the socket with firm but gentle pressure until it is at the same level and orientation as the adjacent teeth.

4. Come to VIP Dental Clinic as soon as possible, even if the tooth is re-inserted! Loosing an adult or baby tooth is a dental emergency when the tooth is knocked out by accident.

Adopted and adapted from Clinical problem solving in dentistry, 2012.

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