Dental sedation (Laughing gas)

VIP Dental Clinic is proud to announce the acquisition of Nitrous Oxide aka Happy Gas for all of our patients out there who struggle to come in for a visit because they are too young, are a little scared or simply don’t enjoy the noise or the needles associated with dentistry.

If any of the reasons above has put you, or any of your family members, off getting an initial/regular dental check-up, you can book your appointment today and ask our receptionist about the Happy Gas option for your visit.

Relative analgesia, or happy gas, is a sedation technique in the form of a gas that a person can breathe, with no colour and no smell; to allow them to relax and have a general sense of happiness and wellbeing. This allows the patient to relax while the dentist completes the dental work scheduled in a timely manner.

Give us a call today on 02 9531 1312 to find out more about our introductory price for this service and experience a more comfortable and relaxed dental visit.


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