Sydney siders have woken up to new this morning about the possibility of 11,000 people to have contracted infectious diseases at a couple of dental clinics in Sydney. At VIP Dental Clinic we want you know that your health and safety is our priority and that we have strict guidelines regarding infection control practices.

In relation to the events that have recently come to light in Sydney about some dental practices and poor infection control procedures, at VIP Dental Clinic we feel the need to tell our patients about our infection control practices so that you know that your health and safety are our priorities.

At VIP Dental Clinic we are committed to comply with the requirements of the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in HealthCare, the ADA Guidelines for Infection Control and the NSQHS Standards and have developed and implemented our policies and procedures in line with these requirements. These policies and procedures allow us to manage the risks of infection for our patients and staff. We also conduct ongoing training sessions on infection control guidelines to ensure that our staff are following the correct procedures, including immunisation requirements.

Our patients can relax knowing that at VIP Dental Clinic we continuously monitor the implementation of our policies to ensure that our protocols on hand hygiene, personal protection equipment and disinfection and sterilising procedures are correctly applied at all times and that you are not at risk when receiving treatment at our Clinic. Moreover, we sterilize every single piece of equipment used during each visit, and we track it digitally with a sterilization tracking code that identifies the equipment used during your treatment and links it to your file; this code can only be used once which effectively makes it unique for you.

If you would like to know more about our sterilization practices please feel free to contact us on 9531 1312 and we will gladly go into further detail with you. Remember that your health and safety are our priorities.

Dr Diana Arcila and VIP Dental Clinic staff.

Media release-Infection Control 02-07-2015


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