Make your next visit to the dentist a FUN one!

Finding a dentist for toddlers, infants, and older children can be difficult at times. It is common for children to have a fear of dental procedures, making finding a dentist for your children a very difficult task at times!

At VIP Dental Clinic we offer the services of one of our very special Dentist to children and their families. Dr. Alejandra enjoys treating children as well as educating the young on the importance of oral health in a fun and loving way. She can handle children of all ages making sure your child is comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

All of us here specialise in pain free dentistry so your child can get the necessary dental care attention they deserve with less fear and anxiety. We also offer sleep dentistry to make it a comfortable visit for those who struggle when visiting the dentist. It is also available for kids with disabilities.

Come and bring your kids to meet our loving and bubbly doctor! Dr. Alejandra speaks English and Spanish and enjoys spending time outdoors in her days off from the job she loves.

Give us a ring on 02 9531 1312 to book an appointment with Dr. Alejandra who is available every Wednesday of the week!

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