Our Very Own Dental Hygienist!

Dental hygienists work as a part of a dental team and assist dentists in treating patients. They help in educating patients in preventive care when it comes to oral health and achieving and maintaining healthy habits. A dental hygienist is a registered healthcare professional who provides services to all age groups without any surgical procedures.

What do dental hygienists do?

A dental hygienists role includes numerous duties that focus on oral care. A dental hygienists duties include:

  • Performing oral health assessments
  • Interpret dental x-rays
  • Administer anesthetic injections
  • Remove plaque/calculus
  • Polish teeth
  • Apply decay preventative agents
  • Teach oral hygiene techniques to prevent decay/ disease

VIP Dental Clinic are proud to support our very own dental hygienist, Maria Isabel Jimenez who enjoys educating and assisting all patients in oral care. We welcome anyone and everyone to come and book an appointment with our dental hygienist and receive a thorough clean and examination with tips and tricks on how to maintain a gorgeous and healthy smile!

Call us on 02 9531 1312 to book an appointment now! Alternatively you can book online via our ePortal page.

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