Your Guide on Denture Care!

As we age and get older, our teeth naturally deteriorate. Even at a young age, people may experience loss of teeth. A solution to teeth loss or teeth extractions are dentures. Dentures allow people to maintain normal function of chewing, biting, speech and appearance. Millions of people worldwide wear dentures and with today’s technology, they are looking more natural than ever before!


  • Partial denture – used to fill the space left behind by a few missing teeth.
  • Full denture  used when someone has lost all their natural teeth. It is fitted to replace upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.
  • Immediate denture an immediate denture is placed on at the same appointment as teeth are extracted allowing patients to avoid a period without teeth.
  • Over-denture fits over the top of remaining teeth or over tooth roots that has previously had root canal treatments. They can also be attached to dental implants.

Dentures are composed of artificial teeth bonded to a base normally made from either acrylic materials or metal.  We can advise you the option best suitable for you.  Impressions of your dental arch and remaining teeth (if any) are taken in order to create a denture best suited for you. The colour and shape of the artificial teeth can be matched to your natural teeth.

Things to consider during your first days of wearing a denture:

  • The denture may at first feel tight and uncomfortable.
  • It may feel bulky with a sensation of crowding in the mouth.
  • You may experience some soreness on the gums and a possible increase in amount of saliva.
  • Speech may be affected at first but will improve with wear.
  • Some people may experience gagging sensation in the beginning.


It is important that you clean your dentures after every meal if possible or at least twice a day. Food particles can be removed by rinsing the denture in cold or warm water.  If you are wearing a partial denture, it is advised that you thoroughly clean the denture to avoid the risk of losing remaining teeth.

You may clean dentures with:

  • SOFT toothbrush
  • Dental floss
  • Unperfumed soap
  • Other approved denture cleaners.


  • Hot or boiling water as denture will warp
  • Abrasives
  • Detergents / bleaches / methylated spirits

Ideally, dentures should not be worn 24 hours of the day. Dentures should be removed at times in order to give the gum tissue a chance to rest. This also prevents grinding and clenching throughout the night reducing the wear down of the dentures or other complications.

Regular check-ups are important and a must for all denture wearers to maintain perfect function.   Give us a call immediately if your denture chips or breaks! If you would like to know further information related to dentures or would simply like to discuss the process of denture treatment, call us on 02 9531 1312 to book an appointment.  Alternatively you may book via our ‘online bookings page’

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