Don’t let you busy life prevent you from having optimum dental health!

Dental Health Week just took place on the first week of August by promoting the importance of maintaining great oral health. The aim of Dental Health Week is to continue to educate and encourage healthy habits when it comes to oral health within Australians busy lives!

Throughout the Australian Dental Week, people were asked to take the time out of their busy day to brush and floss their teeth properly.  The aim of Dental Health Week is to demonstrate that no matter how busy one is, there is always room and time for a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits! Australians were also encouraged to prioritise an appointment with their dentist for their regular check and clean.

At VIP Dental Clinic we always encourage those regular check ups! Come and book a checkup with one of our Dentists by calling us on 02 9531 1312. Alternatively you may book an appointment online via our “Home Page”.

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