Listen up friends and families!

We are now taking online bookings through our online booking system! In just 4 simply steps, you may now book an appointment accordingly to fit your schedule. Our online booking system offers you an insight into our appointment schedule of the day or even up to 2 months in advance where you may freely choose your date and time you wish to attend.

We currently have 3 doctors available throughout the week providing services such as general cleanings and checkups, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgeries, implants and many more! Our dentists are multicultural and bi-lingual providing you with comfort and trust. Our dentists include:

For those who require cleanings and checkups, our amazing dental hygienist, Maria Isabel Jimenez is available every Friday and can also be found as an option on our booking system.

Booking your dentist appointment could never be any easier at VIP Dental Clinic!

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