Ever Wondered the Duration of a Dental Implant Procedure?

Many people question how long it takes to complete a dental implant treatment.  First thing’s first…unfortunately it is not an overnight treatment.  It takes some time and all depends on how regular and committed you are to meet your appointment schedule.  Further below we will explain what each appointment involves and how long it could take:

The treatment starts with a consultation appointment where you will be examined in order to determine whether you are suitable for a dental implant. Patients who are in need of a dental implant either have a missing tooth they wish to replace, or are in need of an extraction prior to the implant insertion.

  • If you require an extraction prior to the surgery, it is advised that you undergo a bone graft once the tooth is removed in order to fill the hole with bone. This allows preparation of the area so that the implant may be inserted. (Any extractions and/or bone grafts are not included in our implant package price)
  • If you already had the tooth removed, a 3D scan is needed to be taken in order to determine if there is sufficient bone in the area where the implant will be inserted. (3D scans are included in our implant package price) If the scan shows there has been substantial bone loss,you would be required to undergo a bone graft in order to prepare the area for implant insertion. (Bone grafts are not included in our implant package price)

In the first appointment, x-rays and 3D scans are taken and you will be given a pathology request form in order to obtain blood test results. This allows our doctors to examine the results and determine how well the healing process will go.

Once you are given the all clear to go ahead, the surgery appointment is then organised. The surgery takes approximately 2 hours. Within this appointment, the implant is placed within the area of insertion and the gum is stitched up in order for the surrounding bone to heal around the implant. (This process is called osseointegration) Following the surgery, you are expected to come in for post-surgery controls in order to monitor the healing process. These appointments are organised as followed:


  • Post-surgery control – 2 weeks after surgery
  • Post-surgery control – 1 month after previous appointment
  • Post-surgery control – 1 month after previous appointment
  • Post-surgery control – 1 month after previous appointment


Once all 4 control appointments have been attended, the second part of the surgery may be conducted! This appointment takes approximately one hour and is organised 2 weeks after the last control appointment. Throughout the appointment, the implant area is reopened and the healing abutment is placed. The abutment acts as a connector between the implant and the mouth. In most cases, no stitches are required with this procedure.

As we come closer to the end of the treatment, the preparation of the crown takes place! Within the second last appointment, impressions are taken in order to begin designing and preparing the final crown with the correct colour, shape and size. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the laboratory to prepare the final crown.

For further information please visit our page dedicated to dental implants.  If you are interested in an implant supported full arch please visit our All-on-4 page.


*Remember* Post control appointments are advised every 3 months after completing the treatment to monitor healing!

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