Attention All Teeth Grinders

Did you know many people who grind and clench their teeth are unaware they do it!

  • Do you suffer from sore / tight jaw muscles?
  • Does your jaw click or pop when opening your mouth wide?
  • Do you find yourself waking up with pain in the face muscles or sometimes even headaches?

If these questions are common symptoms you have been experiencing, then Bruxism is the answer!

People who grind are generally unaware of this habit as it happens typically when they are asleep. Not only does Bruxism leave you with a sore and tender jaw, but can leave you with further health issues. Teeth over time become fragile, chipped and cracked due to Bruxism. Not only do your teeth get worn but you may begin to develop TMJ disorders.

So how does one get Bruxism?

The cause of Bruxism depends on each individual. Some may be due to habit while for others it may be from stress, anxiety or anger. It may also occur from a misaligned jaw where the teeth do not line up properly in a bite. Some individuals may experience damaged or cracked fillings. This may cause sensitivity on teeth. It is very important to go and have a professional examination when it comes to pain in the jaw in order to determine appropriate treatment.

Treating Bruxism

The most effective treatment for Bruxism is a custom made night mouth guard. Having a guard when sleeping prevents teeth from grinding and scraping while you sleep. Depending on the severity of your Bruxism, your dentist will prepare a guard for either your upper or lower teeth. Night guards are proven to be very effective and minimises effects caused by Bruxism!

If you suspect you have been grinding and clenching your teeth throughout the night, call us on 02 9531 1312 (Miranda) or 02 9460 8909 (St Leonards) to organise an examination and we will assist with solutions to the issue. Alternatively you can book an appointment online using our ePortal page.

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