Carlos Andres Perez


Carlos Andres graduated as a Dentist from Universidad Cooperativa in Colombia in 2011 and came to Australia with the ambition to work as a dentist in the future.

When Carlos Andres came to Australia he had many challenges to face including being separated from his family, learning to speak fluently another language, and more importantly being accepted within the dental community. He has however demonstrated strength and adaptability to the challenges that he has faced.

Carlos Andres is a qualified Dentist in his home country of Colombia but needs to upgrade his educational level to practice in Australia. He has worked as a Dental Assistant for 4 years in public and private sectors in his hometown and is now ready to tackle the challenges of more dental experiences and become an outstanding dentist in Australia.

Carlos Andres feels really happy by making others feel better about themselves because he is able to fix their teeth, but also knowing that he has contributed to their general health as well. He enjoys teaching people about good oral hygiene. Carlos Andres hopes to do more of this work in the future.

In his spare time Carlos Andres likes reading, running, listening to music and is very keen in getting to know all about this stunning country which he is proud to call home.

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