What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics involves the diagnosis and treatment of all problems associated with an improper bite. For example, if your teeth are missing , misaligned , crowded or split or have not developed properly as a result of an injury to your teeth or jaw or thumb sucking or any other reason, this may be the cause of an improper bite (or malocclusion). Malocclusion may affect the person’s physical appearance, the speech, the self-confidence and wellbeing leading to depression in some cases.

We diagnose, prevent and treat malocclusions. We can bring your teeth together and straighten them into harmony and correct any functional problem with your bite.

Our options to straighten your teeth range from include:

  • Cfast™ clear braces that are placed on the front of teeth (labial braces) 
  • Ceramic braces
  • Metal braces

We offer you:

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Our Commitment to you

photo We are committed to provide dental services in the most friendly, diligent and transparent manner within a framework of ethics, safety and quality. Patient satisfaction is our priority. Values | Innovation | Professionalism

Our Mission and Goal

To provide a ‘better than excellent’ service to our patients and stakeholders; patient satisfaction is our ‘number one commitment’. To achieve this, we:

  • Work under strict requirements of safety, quality and environment with strong emphasis on infection prevention and control, management of private and confidential medical records and staff training and development.
  • Act ethically, honestly and transparently within the legislation framework. Our team is bounded by the Company’s policies and procedures including standards of behaviour and confidentiality agreements and all legislation associated with the performance of our duties.
  • Promote continuous improvement and introduce innovation and technology in everything we do. Every member of our team is provided with opportunities to learn and advance professionally.
  • Promote a work culture based on mutual respect, dignity and equal opportunity for all. We enjoy a safe, respectful and courteous working environment free of discrimination.

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Values | Innovation | Professionalism

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