How can “regenerative dentistry” help you achieve better healing?

We are proud to be the leaders in the practice of the most advance and extraordinary techniques in modern dentistry including the “regenerative dentistry” technique that uses the patient’s blood cells to accelerate the regeneration and repair bone and tissue.

We carry out bone grafting procedures to augment your jaw bone and achieve a solid bone foundation for dental implants or to regenerate bone such in the case of oral surgeries where there may be loss or damage to bone or tissue, e.g wisdom tooth removals, sinus lift.

The “regenerative dentistry” technique enables us to use the stem cells, platelets and growth factors (GFs) from your own bloodstream to regenerate bone achieving the highest success rate in bone regeneration therapies. The GFs are found in your blood plasma and platelets and are the key proteins in wound healing in their role of tissue regeneration accelerators.

But we not only use the stem cells and GFs from your blood. Through regenerative medicine techniques we can also use the serum of your own blood to carry out wound cleaning procedures and cover surgery cavities to achieve a perfect scar and heal.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to explain in detail how this technique works and how we can implement this extraordinary technique in your oral surgery to achieve the most successful outcome.

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