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Getting braces can be a scary experience. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With the right information and advice, braces can be a walk in the park.

Dental braces are wire-based orthodontics Miranda appliances that are used to correct crowded and misaligned teeth or jaws.

Many people who need orthodontics treatments get them during their early teenage years, but adults also can benefit from wearing dental braces. The goal of braces is to align your teeth and jaws to produce a balanced bite and pleasing smile.

With modern materials and technologies, having dental braces make the experience much more comfortable than in the past.

How Braces Work

Knowing about how braces work can help you prepare for them.

Braces place constant pressure on the teeth to gradually move them into an ideal position.

The key components of braces are:

Brackets: Attached to each tooth or to a band placed around the tooth. Brackets hold the wires that move the teeth.

Wires: Also known as archwires. They are attached to the brackets and are adjusted at regular visits.

Why it’s done

Braces offer corrective treatment for:

How you Prepare?

Some tooth alignment problems occur when children develop and can be guided before puberty but become more obvious once the permanent teeth begin to erupt.

However, your Miranda dentist may recommend waiting until enough teeth have erupted before applying braces.

Most children get braces between 8 and 14 years, while their facial bones are still growing, and their teeth are easier to move.

Preparation for braces generally involves:

Oral examination. Comprehensive examination and review of your medical history to determine your suitability and identify the range of options to treat your malocclusion depending on your individual needs.

X-rays. Detailed assessment and planning of your case using 3D digital radiology imaging and digital software to achieve the highest accuracy and success rates on the proposed treatment.

Digital Scanning. At VIP Dental Clinic Miranda, we use digital scanning impressions of your mouth in place of traditional dental moulds.

Potential tooth extraction. If your mouth is crowded, there may be limited or no room in the jaw for all the existing teeth. Your Miranda dentist may recommend removing one or more permanent teeth to allow room for the remaining teeth to fit. This allows the teeth to fit together comfortably and also allows for enough space for cleaning.

Placement of Braces

Your Miranda dentist will start by inserting a device to keep your mouth dry and your tongue in place.

Then she will dry your teeth and apply an etchant to make the tooth surface ideal for bonding.

Next, the brackets will be placed on your teeth using a special bonding agent to hold them in place throughout the treatment. A curing light will harden and set the adhesive.

Finally, your Miranda dentist will run the archwire through the braces and hold it in place with ligature bands. And that’s it!

Braces in Miranda

Orthodontics involves the diagnosis and treatment of all problems associated with an improper bite. Talk to your Miranda dentist today and find out if braces will work for you.

Braces in Miranda

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.

Braces work by continuously putting pressure on your teeth, slowly encouraging them to move into the correct position. It’s the archwire that puts most of the pressure on your teeth, while the other parts work to hold it in place.
The braces will not cause damage, but poor cleaning and too many sugary foods and drinks do. You need to clean your teeth and appliance very thoroughly.
In general, orthodontic treatments usually work well, but you need to show commitment to your teeth for it to be successful. Follow the instructions given by your Miranda dentist to ensure the success of the orthodontic treatment