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Cosmetic Injectables for Wrinkles Miranda

Cosmetic Injectables for Wrinkles Miranda

Dentofacial aesthetics is a complement of excellent dental health, targeting the functional aspects of the muscles in the face and creating harmony and balance in the overall appearance of your smile and face.

The muscles can be relaxed to soften the expressions in the face.

For example, we can treat the muscles around the lips and mouth and muscles around the eyes (crow’s feet) and on the forehead to restore youthfulness and complement your smile design.

We can also correct saggy skin and unpleasant facial lines and grooves that produce a dull and sunken appearance.

But dentofacial aesthetic procedures not only include muscle relaxants and dermal fillers.

We also conduct full oral restorations as part of anti-aging dental procedures to treat certain conditions such as bruxism (tooth wear caused by grinding of teeth) or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders or gingival smile (also known as gummy smile).

Some Procedures Used in Dentofacial Aesthetics

The key to the effectiveness of dentofacial aesthetics is good preparation.

All procedures required are carefully selected to fit your very own needs and preferences. These different treatments are used altogether so that optimal results can be achieved, and your natural beauty can be successfully restored.

The usual procedures include:

Dermal Fillers – rehydrates your skin, providing more volume and thus eliminating grooves, lines, and sunken areas from your face.

Cosmetic Dentistry – a set of dental treatments that deal with the improvements on the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

Ceramic Reconstruction – computer-aided restoration of your teeth and fillings.

Dentofacial Aesthetic Services at VIP Dental Clinic Miranda

We do injection into the facial muscles in order for them to relax. This means that a person is left with smooth skin.

When they do not have as many deep creases in their face, they look younger, they feel better about themselves, and other people notice that they have a more vibrant appearance.

When you come in for a consultation, your Miranda dentist thoroughly examines the areas that you would like to have treated and is going to make a decision based on their knowledge and experience.

We have found that injection may be good for treating certain types of dynamic wrinkles. The best product for you really depends on your situation.

The Procedure

Getting injection only takes a few minutes, and no anaesthesia is required. We inject with a fine needle into muscles with only minor discomfort.

The Result

Most individuals who receive injection enjoy the benefits for 3 to 4 months. However, after that period, they’re going to have to return to our office to have their dynamic wrinkles treated again.

It is important to note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Dermagen Fillers

If you want to diminish your wrinkles, dermagen filler can help by providing support to the collagen under the depressions.

Dermagen can be used for:

  • Permanent lip augmentation
  • Nasal-labial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Chin and cheek augmentation
  • Rejuvenating aged skeletal-looking hands
  • Restoration of lost volume to certain scars from accidents or acne

The Procedure

Dermagen is performed as an outpatient treatment, under topical anaesthesia (numbing spray/gel).

The Result

The result is immediate, and no special aftercare is needed. There could be slight swelling or bruising for 24-48 hours.

We have seen no rejection or any other negative side effects other than occasional short-lived, temporary inflammation or bruising at the injection site.

Cosmetic Injectables for Wrinkles in Miranda

You should also keep in mind that injections and Dermagen fillers treat slightly different problems and are usually used in different areas of the face.

They may also be used in conjunction as complementary treatments to achieve your desired results. Weigh all your options carefully with your Miranda dentist.

Cosmetic Injectables for Wrinkles in Miranda

For more information on cosmetic injectables for wrinkles in Miranda, call us on (02) 9531 1312 or booking your appointment online.

We are located at 11/468-472 Kingsway in Miranda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.


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What is the difference between Injection and Dermagen fillers?

Though both treatments work to smooth wrinkles and lines, Infection and Dermagen fillers go about their jobs differently. 

Dermagen fillers are used to plump wrinkles, folds, and facial features that have lost volume due to aging. The second option involves injecting purified botulinum toxin into facial muscles to prevent them from contracting. 

When a muscle can’t contract, it can’t pull on the overlying skin and cause wrinkles. The injection helps to relax and soften wrinkles.

Do Injection and Dermagen filler treatments hurt?

At VIP Dental Clinic Miranda, we do our best to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Most patients report that Injection and Dermagen filler treatments feel like a pinch. If your pain threshold is low, a numbing cream applied to the treatment area before your procedure can alleviate needle stick pain

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