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Just as we rely on technology to transfer money, pay our bills, book a holiday trip or communicate with our friends and family, dentistry has also opened a wide door to the world of digital devices and technologies.

At VIP Dental Clinic Miranda, we are happy to welcome this digital revolution!

We have left conventional dentistry behind and opened our doors to every available technology and tool that can help us perform more accurate diagnostics, safer clinical procedures and reduce trauma and post-operatory healing times. This is what digital dentistry is about – making dentistry safer and more comfortable.

We strongly believe that this approach will improve our patients’ quality of life, and have performed numerous successful procedures.

We are committed to continuous improvement and will continue to concentrate our efforts to find every opportunity available to introduce digital technology, new equipment and updated processes into our daily activities.

Our commitment to modern practices enables us to become better professionals, capable of providing ‘better than excellent service’ to the community.

Top 5 Dental Technologies We Use at VIP Dental Clinic in Miranda

#1. Dental Treatment Units

Our dental treatment units are integrated units fitted with all the necessary features to provide comfort and usability for you during dental procedures.

Among these features, our dental treatment units include a monitor for you to see your digital radiology imaging while you are on the chair discussing this image with the dental practitioner.

From the comfort of this chair, you can also see your electronic medical record, charting, and any other document or image associated with your treatment.

Our dental treatment units can be adjusted to different positions to provide you and the dental practitioner with the most comfortable position for the treatment that will be carried out.

These units are also fitted with high-speed lines, operating lights, hot and cold water and all accessories with easy access for you and the dental practitioner.


#2. Intraoral Camera

There are times when we want to show a clear picture of the inside of your mouth to visualise better what is happening and how we can help you.

An intraoral camera is a great tool that allows our dental practitioners to explain and discuss the various treatment options available for you.

The digital images captured with the intraoral camera are automatically saved in your electronic file.

Our intraoral cameras our wireless, portable, lightweight, and high definition LED cameras.

These cameras provide us with high quality, colour images with extreme close up to capture every detail inside your mouth.

#3. Zoom Technology

Teeth whitening is also known as teeth bleaching. In summary, the process involves a chemical that is applied to the teeth and a light-emitting diode (LED) that is shone on the chemical to activate it.

Teeth whitening is a very effective treatment targeting stains that may have been caused by different factors associated with lifestyle. These may include smoking, the type of foods or beverages that we eat or drink, or even genetic factors.

Our teeth whitening treatments include the use of Zoom Technology, equipment and products.

Zoom is one of the most recognised teeth whitening brands in the market and has been proven to make teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one hour.

Our dental practitioners are also trained and qualified in the use and application of Zoom technology using Zoom equipment and products.

#4. Piezoelectric

The Piezoelectric is high-technology equipment used in oral surgeries including implantology, periodontology and endodontic surgeries, involving bone-cutting procedures, tooth removals and root canal procedures.

This equipment uses an ultrasonic frequency that allows the dental practitioner to cut and remove bone in a precise and safe manner with minimum impact on the soft tissue surrounding the bone; this results in minimum trauma, less pain, and improved healing in a shorter amount of time.

We also use the Piezoelectric to remove calculus during scaling procedures for the safe removal of contaminated tissue without damaging the healthy tissue nearby.

#5. Electronic Apex Locator

One of the various challenges in root canal treatments is the accurate location of the apex, which is the tip of the root (also known as the pulpal floor) of a tooth before it is perforated.

During a root canal procedure, the Electronic Apex Locator provides feedback to the dental practitioner once the periodontal ligament has been touched as an indication that the apex of the tooth has been located.

This equipment, therefore, allows us to conduct your root canal procedures in a safe and accurate manner minimising the risk of potential periodontal ligament perforations and haemorrhage, and reducing the need to unnecessarily expose patients to radiology imaging.

Digital Dentistry in Miranda

Discover our advancements into the world of digital dentistry! If you have a question or want to know more, please give us a call. Our dentists Miranda are happy to help.

Digital Dentistry in Miranda

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