How Does Dental Implant Work for Midline Diastema Patients?

Dental Implant Work

Does your smile bother you while laughing out loud? You may have noticed that a gap in one of the teeth is stopping you from smiling your heart out! This condition is called Midline diastema, where you may have a space between two of your front teeth.

Now the question arises, can it be fixed? The answer is yes! With the help of an effective dental implant treatment, you can achieve the best smile that you have always wished for.

Various Causes of Midline Diastema:

Various Causes of Midline Diastema:

Diastema is the gap between your teeth. If one or more than one tooth is missing, it can cause midline diastema. This frequently includes the upper parallel incisors — the teeth to one or the other side of the two upper front teeth.

Oversizing of Labial Frenum

The labial frenum can be defined as one of the tissues that stretches out from within the upper lip to the gum over the upper front teeth. In case, this tissue is particularly enormous, it can make a hole structure between these teeth.

Odd Habits

Thumb sucking, lip sucking, tongue pushing, and similar habits can come down on the front teeth, pushing them forward.

Primary Teeth Loss

Youngsters can foster transitory diastemas when their essential teeth, or child’s teeth, drop out. At the point when their extremely durable, or grown-up, teeth come in, these holes regularly close.

How can Midline Diastema be Treated?

Midline diastema, in any case, can be treated by various methods available in the market:

Dental Bonding

This treatment involves applying tooth-coloured resin to close the gap, a quick and one of the most economical options.


Orthodontic solutions like braces gradually shift teeth into alignment

Clear Aligners

This type of treatment is usually preferred by adults because of their day-to-day life routine. Young people tend to be more particular about their looks as compared to kids.

Dental Veneers

This treatment usually offers a long-lasting fix, where thin porcelain shells are custom-made to cover the teeth’s front surface.

Dental Implants

For a permanent solution, dental implant treatment can replace missing teeth, closing the gap and restoring full functionality. The procedure of dental implants involves inserting metal screws into the patient’s jawbone and closing the gap with the replacement tooth.


One of the main reasons why people are visiting the dentist these days is an improvement in facial aesthetics. In most cases, treatment is not necessary for midline diastema, but people who prefer to have a wonderful aesthetic may go for it. Synchronisation of the midline is supposed to be one of the main criteria for enhancing aesthetics.Consulting a dentist will help you determine the best approach based on individual preferences and dental health, bringing back a confident smile.