Importance of Child Dental Check-ups

“In 2009, the proportion of children who had experienced decay in their baby (deciduous) teeth ranged from 42% for five-year-olds to 61% for nine-year-olds. The proportion of children with permanent teeth affected by decay ranged from 5% for six-year-olds to 58% for 14-year-olds.”[1]

Dental caries is the most prevalent and chronic oral disease during childhood. During a child’s early years, poor dental hygiene practices combined with unhealthy dietary habits may lead to caries development in adolescence.

Excessive intake of sweets, for example, is a key factor in teeth cavity development. This could be exacerbated by the absence, or infrequent practice of dental care.

The Importance of Child Dental Check-ups

A visit to the dentist Miranda from an early year of age gives the dental practitioner an opportunity to detect and prevent children’s dental diseases, establish a personalised caries prevention program and monitor a child’s teeth growth and health, and minimise the potential of surgical and restorative work later in life.

Periodic visits to the dentist during the early years of age also allow the dental practitioner to establish a personalised caries prevention program.

Such programs include key aspects that range from toothbrushing lessonsadvice on the use of mouthrinse and diet recommendations among several others.

Periodic dental examinations also allow the dental practitioner to monitor a child’s teeth growth and health.

For all these reasons, the dental practitioner plays an important role during childhood years.

Overcoming Child Dental Anxiety!

Anxiety and nerves can be a real problem when it comes to visiting the dentist for many patients, especially to kids.

When this issue prevents and limits from receiving the dental care they deserve, it needs to be addressed with the help of your dentist and new and improved successful solutions!

With an increase in technology within the medical field, dental practices have many ways and solutions to assist patients in overcoming fears when it comes to visiting the dentist.

Whether it is just a simple dental check-up or a major surgery, regardless of the level of nerves, there is always a way!

Tips and Tricks in Overcoming Dental Anxiety

The following tips and tricks are to assist you and your kids in calming those nerves before and during your dental visit.

  • Talk with your dentist prior to your child’s appointment about their anxiety and have them explain thoroughly how the visit will play out and what to expect. Dentists are there to make the experience as comfortable as possible!
  • Ask your dentist about anti-anxiety medication. Some dentists may be able to suggest some anti-anxiety medications that your child take prior to the visit to help relieve the stress during the appointment.
  • Arrive early to your appointment! This allows your child to familiarise themselves with the practice and improve your comfort.
  • Request a numbing agent! Our dentists offer local anaesthetic for all our patients if need be! Even for simple treatments such as a clean.
  • Be with your child during the dental visit. It can help them feel at ease and provide comfort and support!
  • Request happy gas! Nitrous oxide, also known as happy gas, is the most commonly known solution for nerves when it comes to visiting the dentist. It is a comfortable and easy process of simply breathing in an odourless and tasteless gas through a nasal inhaler gently placed over the patient’s nose, which can be adjusted easily by the patient if need be.
  • Dental sedation is a step-up solution from happy gas when it comes to nerves! Dental sedation is a safe and effective way to relax kids who are anxious and scared of the dentist. When sedated, the patient feels very relaxed, comfortable and sleepy.

Excellent Dental Health in Miranda

Knowing the importance of child dental check-ups takes away doubts and fear from our children.

If your children have not visited the dentist recently, feel free to give us a call, and we will be more than happy to organise their appointment at a date and time suitable for you and them.

We have flexible hours during the week and also open every Saturday. We will also do our best to see you on the same day if you have an emergency.

We’re looking forward to having you at VIP Dental Clinic Miranda.

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