Dr Andrew Bui

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Dr Andrew Bui brings over 25 years of dental excellence to VIP Dental Clinic Miranda, along with an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality care to his patients. He loves working with his patients to help them overcome dental anxiety and fear, adopting a comfortable approach to make them feel at ease.

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About Dr Andrew Bui

Dr Bui graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelors in Dental Science with the goal of providing exceptional dental care through transparent communication and a gentle touch.
He aims to help all his patients achieve optimal oral health, promoting awareness and education to ensure they take an active role in their dental journey. With a comprehensive evaluation to understand their needs and a precise diagnosis to formulate personalised treatment plans, he works with his patients to ensure their smile radiates health and vitality at every age.

Dr Andrew Bui’s dental care encompasses a range of services, from general and restorative dental procedures to cosmetic dentistry. But what sets him apart is his commitment to understanding you, addressing your fears, and making your dental journey a pleasant one.

Dr Andrew can help you with:

Root Canals – Treat decayed teeth, alleviate pain and protect weakened tooth structures from further damage.
Teeth Whitening – Remove stains and discolouration, getting a whiter, more radiant smile with professional teeth whitening treatments.
Dental Implants – Replace one or more missing teeth with fixed and lasting tooth replacements to improve functionality and aesthetics.
Surgical Teeth Extractions – Remove impacted wisdom teeth or those damaged beyond repair, reducing risk, getting pain relief, and improving oral health.
Crowns and Bridges – Restore your smile with high-quality, custom-made tooth restorations to protect and enhance your smile.
Orthodontics – Correct teeth and bite misalignments with tailored orthodontic treatments designed to improve aesthetics and overall well-being.
Invisalign – Get discreet smile solutions with custom-fitted clear aligners for straighter, more even teeth.

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Take charge of your oral health with VIP Dental Clinic. Not only do we treat present issues but also help prevent future ones with bespoke dental care. From smile restorations and tooth replacements for improved chewing and speaking ability, decay treatments to enhance oral health, and teeth whitening and orthodontic corrections for a whiter and straighter smile, Dr Andrew is here to help you achieve a smile that radiates health and beauty.