NightLase Treatment


The familiar sound of your own snoring or the interruptions of sleep apnoea can leave you exhausted and frustrated, impacting your overall quality of life. Snoring, ranging from a gentle rumble to a disruptive roar, disrupts your rest and strains relationships. However, snoring can be a sign of a more serious condition called sleep-disordered breathing, which includes sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea leads to frequent awakenings, oxygen deprivation, daytime sleepiness, and an increased risk of health issues. Thankfully, solutions like NightLase exist to help you regain control of your sleep and improve your well-being. Seek professional care, explore personalized treatments, and reclaim the rejuvenating rest you deserve.


There are numerous dental treatments where a laser can be used. Laser dentistry Miranda treatments include but are not limited to:

  • Muscle relaxation in the throat and tongue during sleep
  • Excess weight or obesity
  • Age-related factors
  • Anatomical variations (e.g., narrow airway, enlarged tonsils)
  • Nasal congestion
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping position (sleeping on the back)


NightLase treatment is a cutting-edge, non-invasive laser therapy that delicately targets the tissues in the throat and oral cavity. By gently heating and tightening these tissues, NightLase effectively reduces snoring and improves sleep apnoea symptoms. With its quick treatment sessions and minimal discomfort, NightLase offers a convenient and comfortable solution for those seeking a non-surgical approach to achieve better sleep and a quieter night for themselves and their loved ones.


  1. Effective and Lasting Results: Experience significant improvements in your snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms. NightLase stimulates collagen production, leading to long-lasting tissue tightening effects. Enjoy nights of quiet tranquility and wake up feeling rejuvenated.
  2. Non-Invasive and Comfortable: Say goodbye to invasive procedures or uncomfortable devices. NightLase is a non-surgical treatment that requires no incisions or downtime. Patients describe the treatment as gentle, with minimal discomfort during and after the session.
  3. Personalized Care: Your journey to better sleep begins with a comprehensive evaluation by our experienced healthcare professionals. They will customize a treatment plan based on your specific needs, ensuring the most effective and tailored approach for you.
  4. Quick and Convenient: With each treatment session lasting just 20-30 minutes, NightLase easily fits into your busy lifestyle. Experience the transformative effects without disrupting your daily routine.
  5. Enhanced Quality of Life: Regain control over your sleep patterns and improve your overall well-being. NightLase not only addresses snoring and sleep apnoea but also brings harmony back to your relationships by restoring peaceful nights for you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.

NightLase treatment is generally not painful. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during and after the procedure, making it a comfortable option for addressing snoring and sleep apnea.

NightLase treatment is considered safe, and side effects are minimal. Some individuals may experience temporary mild sore throat or mild swelling, but these effects are typically short-lived and resolve on their own.

NightLase treatment is suitable for many individuals who struggle with snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Our team of experts will assess during consultation  to determine if you are a good candidate and to discuss the potential benefits of NightLase for your specific situation.