Oral examinations and cleaning

Oral examinations and cleaning (disinfection therapy)

Oral examinations should not be limited to examining your teeth, gums and mouth.  As dentists it’s important to have a more holistic approach and be able to understand and identify the connections between the oral cavity and the rest of the body. The oral cavity is complex and it plays an essential role in your overall health. It is the entry point  to your digestive and respiratory tracts and from here to the rest of your body. Identifying potential risk factors in your overall health are paramount for prevention of chronic systemic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy and birth complications, diabetes, pneumonia and many others.

At VIP dental clinic we understand and are highly trained in the connection between oral health and general health. We go beyond the traditional concept of the dental check up where the teeth and gums are quickly looked over.

Following the principles of The Larkin protocol and The BaleDoneen method and using advanced technology we are proud to offer a more comprehensive approach to preventative dentistry.

At your oral examination your dentist will:

Once your dentist has gathered all the information needed to assess your oral health condition, the dentist will be able to determine your risk profile and discuss your individual needs and solutions.

The clean/hygiene or disinfection therapy treatment

Traditionally dental cleans have been limited to scraping your teeth with an ultrasonic device and then polishing your teeth with a coarse/rough paste. Leaving many areas of your mouth with undisrupted unhealthy bacteria and unhealthy plaque.

Today we have state of the art technology that allows us to identify where the bacteria is located in your mouth, gums and teeth. Once visible, with the new dental spa experience called Guided biofilm therapy the patient can see exactly which areas need to be improved, how to achieve a better oral hygiene and have the bacteria removed not only from your teeth but from your gums and your tongue

We use three Gold standard technologies to assist us in this process.

EMS Airflow

Airflow is a innovative device that projects a controlled stream of air, warm water and fine, sweet powder onto the tooth to remove plaque and stains

Ozone water

Ozone water is used at different points during your hygiene appointment.


Laser Treatment is a noninvasive method of killing unhealthy bacteria in your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from our patients.

If you want to improve the look and feel of your smile, then any age can be a great age to see the dentist. We recommend that children first visit a dentist around the age of seven; however, orthodontic treatment is not exclusive to children and teens, with about one in every four orthodontic patients being over the age of 21. Whether you’re considering treatment for yourself or for a child, any time is a good time to visit the dentist.

You can expect the braces to make your teeth sore for a few days after they are placed and after each adjustment. These adjustments will make you more conscious of your teeth, but they should not be painful.

Wearing your retainers as prescribed is the best way to keep your teeth from moving after your orthodontic treatment.