The Importance of Correcting your Overbite from VIP Dental Clinic

An overbite occurs when the lower and upper jaws and/or teeth are not aligned, causing the upper front teeth to protrude above the lower front teeth.

Most often, an overbite is genetical, but it can also be caused by the jaw not forming correctly.

Causes of an Overbite

There are different factors to an overbite. For example, genetics, teeth grinding, and TMD can all potentially increase the risk for an overbite.

Childhood habits such as thumbsucking or prolonged bottle-feeding or pacifier use can cause or worsen an overbite.

If left untreated, an overbite can result in more severe dental complications, such as:

  • Jaw pain
  • Chronic headaches
  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth
  • Sleep apnoea

Therefore, it is important to have this issue addressed by your dentist to prevent the condition from worsening over time.

Overbite Treatment Options in Miranda

Correction with Braces

The process involves attaching metal brackets to the teeth. The brackets then connect with wire to straighten misaligned or crowded teeth.

Clear Aligners for Overbites

Clear aligners may fix mild to moderate overbites by applying constant pressure to the teeth. The pressure gradually moves the teeth into a better position, which also helps with the teeth’ straightening.

Overbite Surgery (Jaw Surgery)

A jaw surgery would reposition the jaw when braces or clear aligners are not enough to correct it.

Surgery corrects the relationship between the upper and lower jawbones. It also realigns the jaws and teeth to improve how they function. These corrections may also improve your smile and facial appearance.

Benefits of Treating Overbites

  • Straighter teeth and better bite
  • More attractive smile & improved facial appearance
  • Healthier teeth and gums

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